About us

We desire to see people SAVED. SET FREE. SUPPLIED. SERVING.

SAVED from a wasted life and a lost eternity.

SET FREE from everything that holds them back from living the most satisfied life possible.

SUPPLIED with everything they need to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

SERVING their community, their church, and their world.

Meet Our Staff:
Rev. Al Sessions

Pastor Al Sessions is from Tallahassee, FL, and a graduate of Florida State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, with a Master of Arts in Christian Education Degree. Al began his ministry at Gordon Heights on July 3, 2011. He is married to Kelley who is a teacher in the Grady County School System. They have four children, Claire, Jim, Annabel, and Avery. He enjoys hunting, golf, softball, and loves everything UGA. You can email Pastor Sessions at: revsessions@gmail.com 

Cullen Edwards
Worship Leader

Cullen is from Pelham, Ga. Cullen knew from a young age that music was his passion. In high school Cullen played at many churches in south-west Georgia in his Christian rock band. Cullen’s primary instrument is the guitar though he dabbles in many other instruments including but not limited to the banjo, electric bass, and the lute. He graduated from the University of Louisville, where he studied classical guitar, with a Bachelors in Music Performance. At the University of Louisville Cullen helped lead the Campus Ministry Worship Band (Cardinal Christian Fellowship, CCF) as well as playing in Third Avenue Baptist Church’s Worship band. Cullen’s hobbies include jamming with friends and family, exploring multiple genres of music, composing, and recording music.

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